Plan Your Visit

It's wonderful that you're thinking about paying us a visit! We've created this page to pull together just about everything you'll need to know to connect with what the Lord is doing here at WCC!

First, please know that we're not a very stuffy church. We're not worried about how people dress, what kind of Bible they're using, or pretty much anything else along those lines. We're just glad you're here. 

That being said, here's some answers to questions you may have if you're worshiping with us for the first time: 

Where are you? Our address is 8445 Third Street, Wellington Colorado. We are located in the heart of Wellington, on Third street about midway between Washington Ave and Cleveland Ave. Our building is easily seen as you head up (or down) Third Street. If you're taking I-25 to get here, get off at the Wellington exit and head into town (west). As you drive, you'll see the streets are numbered in descending order (Sixth, then Fifth, etc). When you get to Third Street, a you'll see a restaurant called Sol de Jalisco. Turn right (or north) and our church is about a quarter mile up on the left (west side).

Where should I park? Our church has a large parking lot that touches upon three sides. You probably won't have a problem finding a spot to park. However, now that the Boys and Girls club owns the church building (you can read about God's blessings through that story here) there are a variety of fences on the property. Those fences keep myriads of kids safe throughout the week but they also restrict traffic flow on Sundays. So, it's easiest to come up Third Street and park on the parking lot closest to Third Street. Even if you end up in another parking area, you can still get into the building.

Which entrance do I use? There are a few doors into the building, however the best entrance is the one closest to Third Street. When you enter through those doors, walk straight down the hallway (past the entrances to the bathrooms and past the kitchen on the right) and it will open to the gym that we use for Sunday worship. We recommend you don't use the entrance to the "Old" building (it was built in 1907 but we primarily use it for offices and storage now) --although the "Old Building" entrance will get you inside, you'd have to follow a bit of a maze to get to the gym. If you come here once or twice, you'll be able to navigate the property just fine, but for the first visit, we recommend using the entrance right off of Third Street by the parking lot.

Where do I sit? Once you walk into gym, you'll see that it has about a 150 chairs that face the music equipment and pulpit. If you want to sit in a specific area, there's probably room. Don't worry about disturbing anyone, throughout the service people walk through that empty area to access bathrooms or take care of other needs. 

Where are the bathrooms? Although we have bathrooms in several parts of the building, the main ones are located near to the main entrance. As you walk in from the street, there will be a wide hallway with a set of stairs. Turn down that hallway and you'll see them just past the stairs. They're well marked and you probably won't have any trouble finding them. If you take your kids upstairs to the children's ministry, you'll see that there's a similar set in roughly the same "location" as the downstairs bathrooms, just upstairs.

When should I arrive? The service starts at 10 AM and you're welcome to arrive whenever you'd like. However, we have an Adult Sunday School that usually goes till 9:45 AM, sometimes later. You might find it more comfortable to arrive after 9:45 so that you're not the first people in the gym. If you do arrive a few minutes early, we'd love an opportunity to say "hi". Also, we normally have coffee over by the kitchen and you're welcome to grab a cup and take it with you to your seat. The laminate flooring means we don't have to be worried about spills :) 

Is there going to be a lot expected from me? If you've never been to a church, or if it's been a long time, don't worry, our worship service is pretty casual and easy to figure out. We'll start around 10 AM, have an opening song, go through some announcements, take an offering, have a message from God's Word, then end with a song and final prayer (you can find out more info here). Some days, we'll take a minute to greet one another, but we won't single you out. If you're just looking to just check things out and would rather be left alone, that's okay. We'd love to have you stay to get to know you, but we also recognize that sometimes people would rather keep to themselves. We think we've got a great balance that allows for both engagement and also the ability to maintain privacy. 

Are you going to focus on money? During the service, we have an opportunity for the WCC church family to give to the Lord's work here. We'll pass a a fabric "basket" down the rows for people to place their offerings into, however its very common for people to pass it along without putting anything into it. That's totally okay. The offering is for the WCC church family and not everyone even gives every week. So please don't feel pressured to give anything. In fact, we encourage you to just fill out the "Connect Card" (our guest information card that's in the bulletin) and slip it into the offering bag as it passes. We'd be grateful just for that! (and we won't send you tons of "spam" either) 

What do I do with my kids? Depending on your comfort level, we have a variety of options. First, you're welcome to keep your kids with you throughout the entire service. That's an option you're completely welcome to choose and we have some families that do that every week.

Or, if you'd prefer them to join in our Kid's Ministry we have a children's program for kids between Kindergarten and 2nd Grade that starts after the music portion of the service. Your children would sit with you until we're done singing and then the kids are dismissed to their classes. We recommend that for your first week or two, you take take your kids to their classes--just follow the stream of kids and the teachers who lead them. That will give you a chance to get to know their teachers and fellow students. You'll pick them up after the service (a map of their locations is available here).

Lastly, if your children are under five years old, you can bring them right to the nursery area before the service starts (you'll probably want to allow for an extra 10-15 minutes for us to check-in your child(ren) and talk with you about any matters that will help us care for your little ones). Our nursery is for children 0-36 months; and our "Little Children's Church" is for children 3 to Pre-K years old. Both of these ministries are available for the entire service. You're also welcome to keep them with with you at the start of the service and bring them to the children's ministry later on. We have a more detailed FAQ page just for our kid's ministry here.

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