March 20th Update: 

Dear church family,

We hope this finds you well and at peace in the midst of this current challenge! In these days, our desire is to share the hope and sufficiency that is Jesus Christ in every circumstance. May all who come in contact with us find us ready to share this great promise of eternal life!

Last week, we gathered as a church family and livestreamed the entire service on Facebook for those who were not able to join us.  You are all aware the coronavirus situation continues to develop and change. Thus, for now, we have chosen to honor our government’s wishes and not gather as a large group, and instead, host our worship service online for the next few weeks. This decision is not being made from a position of fear, anxiety, or worry.  God knew about this situation before the world was made, and it will be used for His glory.

Moreover, scripture is clear we are to care for the flock entrusted to us. This is directed to the spiritual needs as well as physical needs of the body, and this influenced our decision greatly. Many in our church family are either susceptible, or are caring for someone who is susceptible to this virus. We also recognize loving our neighbor means seeking how we may be best able to exhibit Christ's love to those in the Church and in the community.

For the foreseeable future, we will only be holding worship services online. All other church functions… Sunday School, the Membership Class, small groups, etc., will be cancelled. We have not officially decided to cancel Resurrection Weekend Services yet, and we will let you know if or when that happens.

So for now, we strongly encourage you to gather with your family and loved ones and join us ON FACEBOOK to praise and thank our Gracious Lord and listen to the teaching from His Word. You can join us on Facebook at the Wellington Community Church homepage ( this Sunday at 10 AM. If you watched the stream last week, it was a bit bumpy. We are working on making sure the technology is working correctly (thank you to the guys who are working on it!).

For those with children who will be watching… for one thing, let ‘em squirm, we won’t know anyway! We’re also going to have a slightly shorter worship set, and a slightly shorter sermon (well, possibly, this is Russ preaching afterall!). Russ is also planning to adjust the “sermon” a little bit so that it is more engaging for families who are watching together.

We are praying that this Sunday we can all worship the Lord together as a connected community, even if we are in our respective homes.

Since there may be many needs coming our way as a church and a community, Pastor Russ will also be updating us regarding ways that we can serve one another and our community. To that point, please tell us if you or someone you know has been affected and need prayer, shopping or meal assistance. Also, please be praying about how the Lord might have you be involved.

When it comes to living as a church family that’s temporarily engaged in “social distancing”, please continue encouraging and communicating with each other—all the while, looking expectantly for what the Lord is doing in our midst. We serve a great God and He is at work here and there is no better place to be, during time of difficulty, than with God's people!

Finally, please be of great courage… we serve a great God who has this whole situation in His plan. This situation with COVID-19 may seem scary and uncertain - but the children of King Jesus have nothing to fear. During times like this, let us be like David in 1 Samuel 30:6, who was facing his own possible death at the hands of violence, but went and strengthened himself in the Lord. Use this time to draw closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through prayer, study of His Word, and taking every thought captive to the truth of Christ and His Word.

We are thankful for all of you, we’re praying for you and we’re grateful that today's technology makes it possible for us to continue to gather as a family even though it is virtual. We’ll see you Sunday at 10 AM!

With much love and prayers,

The Leadership of Wellington Community Church



March 12th Update: 


During times of difficulty, fear and uncertainty, there is no better place to be than with God's people to be built up in the faith and encouraged by one another! Due to the increasing incidences of COVID-19 infections and the high rate of infectious transfer, we are moving to full livestreaming. Although this is not ideal, we will broadcast the entire service and it will be available on Facebook live and for later watching.

We encourage you to continue communication with church family and reach out to one another. If you or someone you know has been affected and need prayer, shopping or meal assistance, please let us know.

Please join us via livestream on Facebook, we will broadcast the entire service starting at 10 AM. If you click "Like" on our Facebook Page ahead of time, you should be notified when we go "live". 


As citizens of the Kingdom of God, this is a good reminder that our hope and eternal security are in Christ alone!