AT Wellington Community Church, we understand the rich value of fellowship to feed the believer’s soul. 

What is fellowship, really? When you examine scripture, quickly you see that fellowship involved the “one anothers” of scripture—praying for one another, singing with one another, bearing with one another’s burdens, etc. Fellowship, then, is the rich relationships we develop with other believers as we live out our lives in Christ doing all that He calls us to. It involves spending time together, talking, praying, “hanging out”, serving, ministering, shepherding, building up, exhorting, encouraging, loving, and helping. The Bible tells us that as God’s people, He is shaping and fitting us all together that we might work together for His glory and His goals.

Fellowship is not talking about Monday’s football game or what’s on sale at King Soopers—it’s soul-fellowship centered on Christ and His Word. Every day, believers in our church are getting together and enjoying one another’s company—but even more importantly, they are strengthening their fellowship with the Lord through Spirit-led and Spirit-directed conversations about Him.

The core means of fellowship here at WCC is the worship and instruction of Christ’s word. As we come together, and learn together, pray together, serve together and worship together; we are bound to deepen and develop strong bonds with one another. We believe this is one reason why the fellowship is so rich here at WCC—so many folks are serious about following Christ and it’s great to be around people who are as enthusiastic about Christ as we are.

So, if you’re looking for where you can fit it, we are sure that God has all those plans worked out and He has a special purpose for you here in the life of WCC. We offer many opportunities for fellowship that include monthly potluck and prayer services (we call these our “Connections Service”), Small Groups, men’s & women’s events, serving in our ministries our Sunday morning worship services; and tons of events throughout the year.

We invite you to come on out and get involved. And if there’s any way we can help you connect the church family here, please drop our senior pastor, Russ Brewer, an email. 

We look forward to getting to know you!