Russ Brewer (Elder)

Russ Brewer, Elder

Name: (Lee) Russell Brewer

Wife's Name: Corinne

Children/ages/where living? Six kids (19, 17, 14, 5, 4, 2)

Town/Region grew up in: Middletown NJ

High School: Middletown High School South

Post High School Education:
Moody Bible Institute (B.A. 1996)
The Masters Seminary (M.Div, 2003)

When you began attending WCC: January 2014

“Elevator Ride” Version of your testimony: 
I grew up in a strong moral family with a hard work ethic. Although we were very spiritual, we only occasionally went to church; and that for a couple of years. But that church denied the deity of Jesus, the sufficiency of the Bible, the reality of sin, and the need to be saved. Thus, I didn’t know the Gospel until a tragic event in my life just after high school. I met with a pastor who shared Christ with me. That night I gave my life to Christ. Soon afterwards, I began attending a Bible study and after a short term missions trip to Jamaica, I felt the call of God in my life to leave my family business and head to college to be trained for the ministry. I went to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and lived there for nearly eight  years. I went to the Masters Seminary in Los Angeles county and lived there for almost 5 years. After seminary I did church planting in Los Angeles for 2 years and then moved to New Jersey to serve as an associate pastor for nine years. I came to Wellington in January of 2014 and have a wonderful time being here.

Ministry Responsibilities at the church: Lead Pastor

Spiritual Giftedness: Teaching, Serving, Evangelism

Spiritual passions: To see God’s people grow in Christ, to reach God’s people with the Gospel, to pray for the lost, especially against man’s inhumanity to man

After the Bible, what Christian book that have most influenced you:
-       For theology, Wayne Grudem – Systematic Theology. For living the Christian, the biography of George Muller called George Muller of Bristol by Arthur Pierson. The older (and recommended) versions have an extended appendix with all kinds of cool stuff.

After Christ, who is your favorite godly hero and why: I love biographies especially those of George Muller, Bruce Olsen, William Carrey, Adoniram Judson, etc.

Life verse: “Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ…for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure (Phil 1:27 and 2:13).”

Favorite Foods: Indian food, ice cream

Favorite Activities: Playing with my kids, hiking with my family, spending time with my wife doing just about anything (except for cooking—I don’t like to cook), backpacking, archery, studying the Greek New Testament.

Likes: Stores that sell backpacking equipment, snow, when the Poudre River is frozen in the winter.

Dislikes: When TV shows and movies take the Lord’s name in vain.

On Your Nightstand:
-       Jonathan Edwards – The Religious Affections

-       J. Oswald Sanders – Spiritual Leadership

-       R.A. Torrey – How to Work for Christ

-       Jay Adams – Shepherding God’s Flock

-       Richard Baxter – The Reformed Pastor