The City

Since 2015, WCC has used a Social Media platform called "The City" to communicate information to our church body. As of 2019, we have switched to a new product called "Realm". Realm is owned by the makers of The City and many of the features are the same. We are currently in the process of setting up Realm and hope to have it fully running by the fall of 2019. Until then, you can check out the links on the left and below to learn about this tool and how it will help us conduct ministry here at WCC.


What is The City?

The CityWhat is the City?

The City is an online tool that allows WCCer’s a place to connect on a deeper level with each other as a church and within smaller groups in a secure, private, and comfortable environment.

What can I do on the City?

The City is a place not only to learn information about WCC, but to interact and engage with fellow members. In smaller groups, such as your Small Group or Ministry you can create events, share prayer requests, post informational and/or discussion topics, and share life together.

This sounds like Facebook. What’s the difference?

The City has numerous, specific advantages over other social media. First, it’s completely secure, internal, and private. The information that is shared on WCC’s City is for the City only. Any information you enter about yourself is only visible to those whom you choose in your settings (as well as WCC leaders). Second, it allows you to join groups within the City and then interact with them in the context of that group. Third, it allows you to post needs or updates such as prayer requests, ministry announcements, classified ads (for things you need or want to give away), discussion topics, etc. Once you jump in, you’ll see all the cool features such as an automatic prayer list, abilities to create your own groups, Bible readings and more!

If you're ready to join the City, you can click here. If you would like to access the public City page click here