WCC is committed to the following values:

We're Always About Jesus

  • Jesus is our Lord and King and Savior. We gather as His people to listen to His instructions so that we might rightly learn from Him to further obey Him and worship Him. 

We're Always On Mission

  • Jesus is assembling people who worship Him in spirit and truth. We join His work in our world and proclaim His Gospel to build up all people in Christ. 

We're Always Following

  • Jesus leads us, and we wait for Him to lead us before we take action. If He does not seem to lead us in something we were hoping to do, we will follow Him rather than our preferences. Also, we seek to obey Him in direct obedience to His Word as well as in the private details of things like prayer, preparation, personal holiness, etc.

We're Always Reforming

  • Jesus tells us to teach through through all that He taught. As we obey this command, we will continually seek to better align with His Word. We will exalt Him more purely when we understand Him more accurately; therefore we will continually seek to more closely align with the Word of God, making appropriate changes when necessary.

We're Always Reviving

  • Our natural tendance is to dull our pursuit of Christ and allow sin to creep back into our life and take hold of our heart, mind and will. Therefore, we seek to continually correct our lives and beliefs back to the Word of God and hold each other accountable to God's truths and righteous standard so that we walk in surrendered obedience to the Word of God.

We're Always Respectful

  • The Lord calls us to live in unity with one another. When it comes to matters of personal preferences, we put other people ahead of ourselves. When it comes to matters of the Word, we pursue accuracy and cannot place relationships over faithfulness to scripture. When it comes to matters of disagreement, we will believe the best and seek to speak the truth in love and respect.