Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars are super-fun times for kids to break out their nerf guns, join a team and have epic nerf battles! Every time begins with a devotional from the Word of God, the source of our true strength.


¥ Bible

¥ Nerf   guns (please write your name or mark your guns to make sure that they go home with you)  - we have plenty if you want to leave yours at home too

¥ glasses   clear or light colored (Required to participate) - Extras available for kids that do not have any

¥ Something to drink

¥ DO NOT BRING AMMO, we have plenty and yours will be lost

DADS, if you want to stay, please do! You can join in the fun and this is a great time for your boys to see you being a part of it. Your younger ones will love it!  If your boys are small (5-7yrs or so), I do ask that you stay to keep an eye on them as it does get pretty hectic at times.